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News » On a cursed team like this, everybody hurts

On a cursed team like this, everybody hurts

On a cursed team like this, everybody hurts This time it is Antawn Jamison in the infirmary, laid up and out the next month. This goes with the program, the players either cursed or exceptionally brittle.

The Wizards cannot catch a break unless it is one to a hand.

That was one of the injuries that sidelined Caron Butler during the team's extended period of invalidity.

This was supposed to be a pain-free season, stuffed with victories and devoid of doctors' orders and timetables. We now know that was a misguided hope.

Most teams get through the preseason without an injury to an All-Star.

The All-Stars with the Wizards cross the street and are lucky to come out of the experience in one piece.

Jamison played in 81 games last season, when his participation was unnecessary and ceremonial. Now he is destined to miss the first month of the season.

The Wizards tried to finesse the news, releasing it, conveniently enough, on the day that Vinny Cerrato excused himself from the Witness Protection Program and gave outgoing coach Jim Zorn a vote of confidence.

The dysfunction of the Redskins overwhelmed the bad news of the Wizards .

So the wholeness of the Wizards has been pushed back yet again.

No sense circling the date on your calendar.

Butler probably will come down with the swine flu before then and need months to recover.

Or Gilbert Arenas will slip in the shower and break a leg.

Randy Foye, Mike Miller and Fabricio Oberto, newcomers all, should take this as a warning.

Most players give elbows. The Wizards wind up putting theirs in slings.

Maybe the Wizards have had it all wrong. Instead of trying to improve the team, they should been securing an assortment of lucky charms: a rabbit's foot, four-leaf clover and horseshoe.

Jamison has taken to referencing "Groundhog Day," the Bill Murray flick in which each day is endlessly repeated.

That would be the Wizards of the last two-plus seasons. No matter where the Wizards are in the schedule, someone important to the cause is in street clothes, another MRI is scheduled, Andray Blatche is trying to learn to be a consistent player and Nick Young has forgotten all the plays.

The NBA waits on no one, least of all the Wizards , consigned to the road and Dirk Nowitzki and the Mavericks in the season opener tonight.

The customary platitudes have been issued. Somebody has to step up in Jamison's absence.

The Wizards issued similar directives last season. They apparently fell on ears enveloped in an iPod and a cell phone, the life-sustaining accessories of technologically addicted Americans.

Ernie Grunfeld and Flip Saunders have said this is the Wizards' season of ascendancy, no bum knees, torn ligaments or problematic shoulders about it.

Grunfeld has staked his considerable reputation and patience on it.

If it is to happen - if the Wizards are to be the best of the rest in the East after the Cavaliers, Magic and Celtics - Arenas will have to reprise his three-time All-Star self, Butler will have to avoid his Larry Hughes-like tendency to miss 15 to 20 games, Foye and Miller will have to perform as advertised and Brendan Haywood will have to be his 2008 self.

That is not to forget Blatche and Young, potentially worthy pieces but historically flummoxed.

Lots of variables have to fall in the favor of the Wizards . Given their recent history, plus the latest injury to Jamison, theirs is a long-shot proposition.

It could be worse. At least Arenas is not set to undergo a fourth surgical procedure on his left knee.

That is the one piece of news that would have hit the Wizards harder than the convalescence report on Jamison.

The Wizards need a quick start to emphasize the message that this season is the antithesis of the previous one.

You would not be wrong to wonder whether that quick start already has been compromised by the loss of Jamison.

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Author: Fox Sports
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Added: October 27, 2009


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