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News » Immortal Arenas waxes poetic

Immortal Arenas waxes poetic

Immortal Arenas waxes poetic
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WASHINGTON Wizards space cadet Gilbert Arenas had his likeness immortalized at Madame Tussauds wax museum in Washington, D.C., last week. No word if the figure has injured its knee yet.

Arenas is out likely until January with another major knee injury, but he still was at the top of the list in surveys done by the museum. He is just the third NBA player to be featured, following Michael Jordan and Shaquille O'Neal (Yao Ming is next up).

The injury evidently hasn't forced Arenas to lose his twisted sense of humor. When Washington Post columnist Mike Wise jokingly suggested that the wax figure could suit up in his stead, Arenas played along by saying "I heard it's a healthy knee. I was trying to take that leg off and put it on mine, you know, go out and win some games."

Winning games hasn't exactly been the a regular occurrence for the Wizards, who entered the weekend at 1-8. Being away from the game apparently has taken its toll on Arenas' competitiveness. He suggested that if the team keeps losing that it could work out for the best because it would get a high draft pick next year.

"If this is one of those years we don't make the playoffs, we're one of those teams that's in last place the whole year you know, that's what happened to San Antonio, and that's how they got Tim Duncan," Arenas told the Post. "If that happens with us, it's for the better."

Yes, Gilbert, losing is always the way to go.

Nobody loves Raymond?

The Tampa Bay Rays didn't lose just the World Series. Kelly Frank, who portrayed the team's fuzzy blue mascot, Raymond, was fired last week after five seasons on the job. She told the St. Petersburg Times that she was offered no explanation.

All the team told the Times was "Be assured Raymond will live on."

Frank clearly had earned the respect of her peers.

"Kelly was great," Tom Burgonyne, the Phillie Phanatic since 1994, told the Times. "It always seemed to me that Raymond was one of the top ones, and a lot of it was what she brought to the costume."

Frank said she was praised by management because she outperformed the Phanatic during the World Series, which Philadelphia won in five games. Frank had a Raymond blog and posted Raymond videos on YouTube.

The Times reported that the MySpace page Frank created for Raymond read, "Raymond is unemployed. Thanks for the memories, folks."

Frank doesn't understand why she was let go.

"I'm just as confused as everyone else," she told the Times. "I really didn't get an explanation."

Perhaps it was her fault that the Rays couldn't get a hit off Cole Hamels.

No pets, please

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has written a letter to owner Stan Kroenke, asking the Denver Nuggets to enact a policy prohibiting the use or display of live animals at home games, according to the Rocky Mountain News.

PETA cited the Nov. 7 game at the Pepsi Center against Dallas, when team mascot Rocky ran onto the court and held two baby tigers over his head. The mascot also handed out kittens from a box to those in the crowd who wanted one.

Upset fans were said to have contacted PETA, which called the atmosphere of a big crowd inappropriate for the baby tigers and said that it was imprudent to give away kittens in that setting.

No truth to the rumor that's why Allen Iverson demanded a trade to the Pistons.


The top five reasons why Cal vs. Stanford is known as the Big Game:

5. Winner holds dominion over all college football in California north of Fresno State

4. No one would watch if it was called the Little Game

3. Seemed a bit much to call it the Huge Game

2. The Axe Game sounds too much like the X-Games

1. Less cumbersome than the Stanford-Band-Comes-on-the-Field Game

Tom Barnidge


The NFL's reinstatement of serial thug Pacman Jones gives birth to a new cautionary expression: Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, my name is Goodell.

It's no wonder Lew Wolff wants to abbreviate the postseason with a one-game divisional playoff. It's not going to affect his team.

Just wondering: The Kerry Collins who's led the Tennessee Titans to a 10-0 start ... Is that the same guy the Raiders released so they could get a younger, more talented quarterback?

Tom Barnidge



Bowling: PBA Ultimate Scoring Championship, ESPN, 10 a.m. Why waste your time watching the 49ers knock heads with the Dallas Cowboys (Channel 2) when you can see a bunch of people you never heard of knocking down bowling pins?


NFL: Packers at Saints, ESPN, 5:30 p.m. Four years ago, who would have guessed that Aaron Rodgers would be starting on Monday night football for a team angling toward a playoff berth? Not Mike Nolan, that's for sure.


NBA : Warriors at Wizards, CSNBA, 4 p.m. Can the Warriors get a W against the Wizards in Washington? Maybe if Williams and Wright get on a woll.


College Basketball: NIT Season Tip-Off semifinals, ESPN2, 6:30 p.m. This is the answer to the age-old question: What's even less consequential than the NIT postseason tournament?


NFL: Titans at Lions, Chs. 5, 13, 9:30 a.m. Look what the NFL did: It gave us all a Thanksgiving turkey.


European PGA: Australian Masters, GOLF, 6:30 a.m. We need to pay closer attention to the headlines. When did Australia become part of Europe?


The Redskins easily have the best average attendance in the NFL this season, while the Raiders rank next to last. The rankings of all 32 teams in the league:

Team Avg.

1. Redskins 90,085

2. Giants 79,150

3. Jets 78,209

4. Broncos 75,656

5. Chiefs 74,301

6. Browns 73,076

7. Panthers 72,890

8. Saints 72,640

9. Bills 71,513

10. Ravens 71,117

11. Packers 70,955

12. Texans 70,177

13. Eagles 69,144

14. Titans 69,143

15. Patriots 68,756

16. Chargers 68,063

17. Seahawks 67,987

18. 49ers 67,467

19. Colts 66,324

20. Dolphins 65,147

21. Jaguars 65,034

22. Bengals 64,962

23. Buccaneers 64,407

24. Cardinals 64,046

25. Steelers 63,825

26. Cowboys 63,211

27. Vikings 63,153

28. Bears 62,139

29. Falcons 61,662

30. Rams 61,433

31. Raiders 59,111

32. Lions 56,755



Boston's Dustin Pedroia is just the 10th second baseman to be named most valuable player, fewer than any other position.


"For me to have the numbers that I have and not really being involved, it is discouraging."

Cowboys receiver Terrell Owens, issuing his annual complaint about his lack of touches

Author: Fox Sports
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Added: November 23, 2008


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