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News » Firing a good coach won't make Wizards better

Firing a good coach won't make Wizards better

Firing a good coach won't make Wizards better

Straight Shooting

We've all seen this movie before: A general manager stocks his roster with a dysfunctional mixture of players, but since he's the one who procured the players he thinks they're better than they really are. Eventually the team loses, and the coach is canned — because it's easier to fire the coach than to fire the players, and because the GM is certainly not going to fire himself.

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Kerr had a quicker release, was indeed more athletic, was a better passer, and understood the intricacies of the pro game. Also, while neither Kerr nor Redick had sufficient handling ability to get to the hoop on a regular basis, Kerr was at least able to dribble-pull-and-shoot going both left and right — which, without suckering his defender off his feet with an elementary head-fake, is more than Redick can do.

Moreover, Kerr had better lateral quickness and was physically tougher. These two qualities also made Kerr at least an adequate defender, whereas Redick would have trouble staying in front of a corpse.

Remember, however, that Kerr was strictly a marginal player until he joined the Bulls — where he was a perfect fit in the triangle offense.

More than Kerr, Redick's game is much closer to another heralded shooter who never made a splash in the NBA — Rick Mount. The only difference being that Mount would have bested Redick in any kind of shooting contest.

Travels with Charley

Just as in the film An Officer and a Gentleman, NBA players have to be wary of gold-digging women. One trick of the trade is for a woman on the make to borrow high-priced clothing, shoes and jewelry so that she'll give the appearance of being wealthy enough on her own, and therefore not a threat to get her hands on a player's checking account.

Getting pregnant is often a ploy guaranteed to at least receive lucrative child-support payments. In fact, one agent used to put away 30K every year from his client's paychecks to be specifically used to deal with pregnancies.

Then there was the case of an All-Star player with a hefty contract who had a live-in girlfriend. Virtually every day over the course of the several months they'd been together, she would bring up the subject of their getting married.

"Not a chance," said the player, since he was already paying child support for two illegitimate children.

Still, she persisted.

Until, one night, he'd had his fill of her nagging. In the resulting argument, he touched her shoulder to get her out of his face — "touched" is the exact term he used to describe the contact. She, however, claimed that he "punched" her and quickly sued him for a million bucks.

An out-of-court settlement was reached wherein the woman received a one-time payment of $200K. However, during the course of the legal proceedings, he learned that both the name by which he knew her, as well as the personal history that she had told him were totally fictional.

It's all about the money, honey.

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Added: November 26, 2008


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