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News » Caron Butler: Much Respect for Paul, Ray, and Celtics...and D.C. Dreams

Caron Butler: Much Respect for Paul, Ray, and Celtics...and D.C. Dreams

Caron Butler: Much Respect for Paul, Ray, and Celtics...and D.C. Dreams
May 6, 2009 (Connecticut Post delivered by Newstex ) --

Caron Butler?

?He (Paul Pierce) is the guy Ive molded my game after.

Call him Paul Pierces younger version. Caron Butler wants to be P-squared v.2.

When queried, Butler emphatically says the Celtics are ?Still the champs! until someone takes it from them, and he says that wont be easy.

I wanted to put this up right at the end of season, but didnt for extenuating circumstances ?beyond my control as they say. Then, when that wasnt possible, I thought I might wait until the off season, when things quieted down a bit.

But right now seems right, considering that I wanted to get Carons prediction for the Celtics in print when it had meaning. I also thought his Paul Pierce love might inspire our fearless leader to higher levels and greater distances in the playoffs, while he had the chance.

Butler also has major love and respect for Huskie brethren, Ray Allen. In fact, he was so honest, generous, and respectful of all things Celtic, Im personally asking Danny Ainge to adopt him and find an unused number to put on him.

Could you imagine Ray, Paul and Caron in a Celtic rotation? They could all grow old gracefully together and be nasty into their mid 30s.

Two great multi faceted former UConn Huskies in Green? (I snap back to reality.)

Seriously, like President Obama, Caron has D.C. dreams of his own. Those dreams reach for the sky and are directly motivated by what he has seen up in Beantown over the last two years. Nothing less than championship talk was in the Wizard locker room?this year. From a team that went 19-63. Surprising? Butler will share his bold ambitions, a few inches down.

Pierce ? The Butler PrototypePaul Pierce, you have a fan, and a clone it seems, and they are one and the same person, a Mr. Caron Butler. You remember him, right? The guy on the Wizards you are always talking smack with when ?the Wiz was good.

For some strange reason, Ive found that many NBA players are reticent to give glowing accolades to any other NBA players except, you know?.Kobe or LeBron. Ego? Jealousy? I have no idea. Such is not the case with Caron Butler about Paul Pierce. Okay. Theres a reason and a motivation. Caron models his game after Pierces. Hell tell you why.

(Note: This interview occurred at the end of the night of the last game of the regular season. Boston just beat Washington 115-107. Caron Butler scored 39 points, with 7 rebounds, 4 assists, 2 steals and a block in the loss. Eddie House lit the Wiz up for 20 points on 6 of 9 shooting. The Celtics came back in the 4th quarter to win the game.)


Obviously, this year you werent able to compete with the Celtics this season. In the past, particularly, you and Pierce did a lot of talking out there on the court.

Your career has evolved from a good role player to an all star over the last few years. You have really improved every year since you came in. Can you talk about a little about what you expect next year and a little about the give and take you have with Paul Pierce?

Caron Butler??What Im expecting next year, is all the young guys, with the experience that they had this year, and through the course of the summer, playing summer leagues?..they are going to really understand the value of the NBA, on and off the court. You know, how to play the game and how to win games, so hopefully they keep this taste in their mouths.

This was a bad season on the court. Hopefully it will enhance their work ethic, to go out there night in and night out to ?bring it so theyll be ready for training camp.

As far as our personal duel with Paul Pierce, its always a pleasure and honor to play against one of the great Celtics .

You know, hes the guy Ive molded my game after. Ive watched a lot of film of him. You know, we (have) the same physique, the same body type. And were under the same brand Nike (NYSE:NKE) , so I hear a lot about him.

And you know, me coming into the league, there was always like, ?you remind me so much of Paul Pierce, so I watched a lot of film on him and enhanced my game.

Fortunate enough, I was able to play against guys like him and Richard Jefferson, LeBron James and really establish myself as an elite player in this game.

Have you told Paul that? That youve used him to model your game after? Ever have that discussion?

?No, I never told him that. (laughing) But Im pretty sure hes read it somewhere and saw that. You know, its always an honor just to go out there and compete against him. Im never going to back down from a challenge, and obviously, he isnt.

He is one of the best players in the league now and always?..hes mentioned in the (same) breath as (an) MVP candidate. You know, you look at the Celtics and look at what theyre doing. Hes always a sleeper."

"Theyre so successful but people take that winning style for granted because they have so much firepower. But hes a great, hes a good player. I love playing against him.

Thats true. In terms of clutch players, he doesnt get the same accolades as Kobe or LeBron. But in terms of clutch play where would you put him?

?Obviously you have to put him in the top five players. Crunch time, look what he did in the finals. A guy who had a knee injury, went to the back, came back out, and his heroics, I think, the momentum that they had from that moment where he went in the back, kind of carried them in the playoffs to win that championship.

Because the crowd was?.they just rolled the energy. Paul Pierce. The Truth. You know, it was unbelievable."

"I was watching it and I was like ?..(raises eyebrows, shakes his head). That was a great performance. One of the best ever.

Now?.this years Celtics . Going into the playoffs?what kind of chance do you give them? Theyve obviously got some injuries.

?They (are) still the Champs.

KG is 50/50 to even play.

?(Emphatically) They still the champs. Until somebody dethrones them They (are) still the champs. You gotta respect that. They know what it takes to win games and they won a championship.

Do you think they think they can knock off Cleveland or L.A.?

?They still the champs! Can they knock them (the Celtics ) off? Thats the question. They still the champs.

(No concession. Laughter.)

Lets switch gears for a minute. Whats the outlook for your team next year? You have to be excited for next year? People see a 30 game improvement. What do you see?

?I see the same thing. You know all summer, all training camp, all season, all weve been talking about is championship. We saw the Big Three, with what they did in their ?rookie season in Boston, and getting Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett and all they talked is championship.

Get Gilbert back. Get Antawn back. Myself, Brenden Haywood, Desean Stevenson, our four guys, along with the experience that the young guys got through the course of this season, with a tweak here?were talking about a championship.

Do you think that Flip Saunders (note: Flip was not formally announced at this time) is the guy who can take you there?

?Nothing is confirmed yet. Its all speculation, but in the course of the next week or so well get the confirmation on it, whether Flips our coach or not. But, I love his work. I love his body of work."

"I love what he did in Minnesota, obviously Detroit and ?we had the opportunity to talk with him before, in the preseason. He was real good. He helped us a lot with Eddie Jordan. Hed be nice.

He seems to be an under rated offensive coach.

?Hes been great. Look what he did for Wally Szczerbiaks career. He put KG in situations to really just be a guy to go out there and get 25 (points), 10 (rebounds), and 7 (assists) every night. He knows his stuff.

Final comments on Eddie House?

?Oh hes amazing. Drop dead three point shooter. Catch and shoot, hes going to make that shot. You know, we didnt have a body on him for the most part in the second half, and he was just knocking down shots.

Any comments for Ray Allen, UConn brethren?

?I wish him a lot of luck. You know I told him at the beginning of the game, I went down there and said, Good luck. Youre having a terrific season and I love him and I wish him the best of luck. Hopefully, they win it again.

Since then the Celtics went 15 rounds with Chicago and came out with a standing TKO win.

They are still the Champs.

Now the Green Machine just came out sleepy, fought back, but lost game (round) one in the Orlando series.

They are still the Champs.

They are down 0-1 at home. But Doc and the team are pretty upset at themselves for that first half performance. Can they fight back and win a series against a team that won 59 games?

If Caron Butler believes, so can I. As Caron says?

?They are still the champs.

And Butler wants to follow in those footprints himself very soon.

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Author: Fox Sports
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Added: May 8, 2009


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